Vulcano Diffuser

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Electrical outlet

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Description & Specifications

You can bring that excellent smell directly into your home or office with the help of our convenient vulcano diffuser.

Your space's identity and the overall experience of anyone who visits it are strongly connected to the aroma that fills it. In addition to spending time in a lovely setting, clients, residents, and visitors benefit from this favorable association.

Excellent coverage, covering up to 800 square feet.

Make your room stand out today!

Noise: below 36dB
Water shortage and power failure protection: support
Number of fog outlets: 3
Rated voltage: 24V
Rated power: 10W
Colour: Black, white and red
Liner material: plastic
Standard capacity: 350ml
Liner material: ABS/PP/silicone/electronic components
Material: Incense

What is included in your order

The following is included in your order:
1. Vulcanic diffuser

2. Power cord

3. User manual

Quick user guide

The vulcano diffuser has three buttons


Short press left button once to turn on vulcano mode

Short press left button a second time to turn on the flame mode

Short press left button a third time to turn off the vulcano diffuser


Short press middle button once to put the vulcano diffuser in light breather mode

Short press middle button a second time to turn of the light


Short press the right button once to set the timer for 2 hours

Short press the right button a second time to set the timer for 8 hours

Short press the right button a third time to turn on long spraying mode

IMPORTANT: The vulcano diffuser will automatically shut off when all water in the diffuser is used

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Hydrate your skin

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Make your room smell outstanding

The vulcano diffuser covers not only your room but way more. Give your home the smell that you desire and enjoy the feeling.